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Today I refreshed some of the graphics. Below you see the Win-Animation.

Rotavios: Graphics Updates

Yeah. First 10 Levels inclduing a shrink and grow PowerUp are done. I love my new Level-Engine! :)

Rotavios: First World Complete

Rotavios Restart

2007-08-10 05:32:49 by Robot-Creations

Rotavios, planned to release this month, has been scrapped. Yeah. You read right. I will completely redesign this game, making it more fun and more creative.
The new Rotavios will feature a 600x700 Screen instead of a 900x800 one. You will have more PowerUps and bigger levels. The levels will not be rectangular. They have different shapes and colors. But there's one even more important point: The controls. You now control the maze by using the Arrow Keys. That way it's no problem to make the levels bigger but the screen smaller.
There will still be 100 Levels, 10 Worlds and 1 Boss Level. It will have Level Names, Progress trackings, a save function and 100% planned levels. Every level will be unique. I won't use any graphics of the original version (except for the star graphic, but I'm not even sure about that. Maybe I will redraw it, too!).
The Current Release Date is November 2007. But who knows- with my new level engine I can make levels 2x faster than before.
I will keep you updated.

~Robot Creations

Rotavios Restart

Rotavios- 50% Done!

2007-08-05 07:59:33 by Robot-Creations

W00tness! Rotavios is 50% completed!
Let's have a party ^^ :p.

New Computer tomorrow!

2007-07-22 10:51:47 by Robot-Creations

Tomorrow I will buy a new Computer! It will be helpful. Very helpful. Here are the specs:

-Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 / 2,40GHz, 4MB Cache
-2048MB DDR2-RAM
-320GB HDD
-NVIDIA GeForce 8600GT, 256MB
-4x Front USB
-Windows Vista Ultimate

For 699,99 Euro (966,19$)
I'm soo happy. The only annoying thing is the reinstallation of all programs. But, when I think about it, I look on the specs- and I forget the reinstalling troubles ^^.

See 'ya! :)


Hot Summer...

2007-07-19 08:31:22 by Robot-Creations

In Vienna (Austria) we have 40°C now. I love the sun, but not if it's so fuckin' hot. My Computer is as hot as some hot object. ^^ Now I'm going to turn my Computer off.

After a long break, I will work on Rotavios again. I'm going to start with the 5th world today. Rotavios will include 10 realms. I hope to make 5 levels per day, so I would only need 10 days, then endboss. extras, menu and I'm done. I hope to release it in august. We have good chances.
I will keep you updated.

Rotavios- Production Progress