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I'm sick.

2007-11-14 10:08:15 by Robot-Creations

I'm sick at the moment. 39,7° body temperature. I feel really bad, too bad to plan Levels. Rotavios is paused until I'm fit again.
I hate being sick, the feeling to puke every second, you have to stay in bed 99% of the time, and you can't meet friends. It's the pure horror.
See you when I'm well.

I'm sick.

Time runs...

2007-11-07 11:53:28 by Robot-Creations

Hi there! =)
I just wanted to tell you that my hands are bleeding from level drawing, my CPU is at 70°C caused by running night and day, and my mom is angry because I'm doing "silly" stuff on the PC, the whole time.
I think you know what I'm talking about: Rotavios. I announced a release in November, and it WILL RELEASE IN NOVEMBER! I gave you my word, and I won't let you down. I'm ignoring school totally, just for this project. I'm drawing levels at school, instead of listening to my teacher. I promise, I do everything to get it done. I will drop a countdown-clock on my website when I know the excact release date.
I will post some more screens soon, but now, meanwhile, go play my newest game, the Pumpkin Game, accessable via my Userpage.

Time runs...

I released a new game today because I needed a break from Rotavios. it's called Pumpkin Game, and you can play it if you clock on the symbol on my userpage. Yes, Userpage. That's the thing you're currently viewing xD

The Pumpkin Game is a Dark Cut 2 Parody, and it's one of my most succesfull games ever. It's not top-scoring, but it's already a favorite of 5 people and is in the Halloween Section (That's my first Collection).
You have to Make a Jack-O'-Latern, using different tools. It's hard, but you may be able to pwn it. Here's a screenshot:

Halloween 2007: the Pumpkin Game

Rotavios: Teh Fire

2007-10-15 10:47:39 by Robot-Creations

Yeah, I have 54 Levels atm, working on the Fire-Realm. I will give you an In-Flash-Screenshot of my favourite Level:

Rotavios: Teh Fire

2nd Music ready

2007-10-07 06:05:07 by Robot-Creations

My Dad completed the music for the Jungle Realm "Regenwald" (World 2).
It sounds really cool, I might upload it soon.

2nd Music ready

World 5

2007-09-16 13:17:05 by Robot-Creations


I finished all the PowerUps for the Fan-World (5).
Get ready to get blown away! ^^

World 4

2007-09-01 05:06:52 by Robot-Creations

In the 4th World of Rotavios you have the chance to see your own Levels in-Game.
Only draw a Level and send it to me (PM). Be aware you can send more than one.
Please play the Demo first!
Things you MUST use:
ST: Start
GO: Goal

Things you CAN use:
SM: Smaller [Star shrinks]
BI: Big [Star Grows]
Spikes: Hurt the Star
ME: Mercury [for Avoiding Spikes]

Deadline: 8th September

Best ones will be put in. Good Luck! =)

Rotavios Demo OUT!

2007-08-27 05:02:37 by Robot-Creations

Today I give you the Demo of Rotavios. KUDOS!
10 Levels, no Sounds, only Music.
Here you go:
Rotavios Demo

It's Official:
The playable Demo of Rotavios will release next Monday (27 August 2007).

You'll be able to play the first World without sounds (Music only).
The Music is composed by my father. I think he's a very talented artist, and I'm glad to put in music from him.
See you Monday!

Rotavios: Power Up Timer

2007-08-19 07:15:10 by Robot-Creations

Today I made a feature called "The Power Up Timer". That means that each PowerUp you collect only lasts 10 Seconds (Ore more if you collect more than one of the same Power Up).
You see it below. (PS: No, I'm not at the 1st Realm, I just don't want to show you all the different worlds).

Rotavios: Power Up Timer