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Listening to Jean Michel Jarre and Kraftwerk

2008-04-14 10:49:45 by Robot-Creations

Yeah, ATM I'm listening to the music of Kraftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre the whole day, whithout doing anything.
That's awesome.


2008-03-16 05:59:24 by Robot-Creations
Updated /130839
"Buying some Music Software",my new Song =D.

Factrasixx2 is in full developement, btw. It's a bigger project than I thought. /127794
Listen to it! =D 2nd song in Sequel...

Producing Music in SEQUEL

2008-02-28 15:36:21 by Robot-Creations

Hi! Long time no post...
I bought Sequel (Music Software from Steinberg) 2 days ago, and I made my first song (I wanted to get used to the program): /127149
I like it xD. It's not very professional or creative, but, yes... just take a loo...listen ^^.

Factrasixx 2 production did not stop, I'm working on it.


Producing Music in SEQUEL

Factrasixx 2

2008-01-31 13:56:39 by Robot-Creations

About 1 week ago, I started working on a new game: Factrasixx 2! Many people wanted a sequel, and now I'm producing it. I never wanted to do a sequel, though.
Well, in the new Version, you'll need to collect energy- by passing "Loading Points".
Like in the old version, you can clear the screen. But this time this has a bad side effect: You lose a lot of potential Loading-Point- chances. And: You can only clear it 3 times.
Below a screenshot. It's great fun, but even harder than the old version. It should release in a few weeks.

Factrasixx 2

Aerodynamik + La Forme, Remixed by Hot Chip

2008-01-05 08:56:28 by Robot-Creations

I want to present the new KRAFTWERK Album "Aerodynamik + La Forme", remixed by Hot Chip. It's excellent. GO BUY IT!

Aerodynamik + La Forme, Remixed by Hot Chip

Happy Christmas!

2007-12-24 10:56:29 by Robot-Creations

I want to wish everyone happy holidays and a happy new Year =). Love u all ^^

Rotavios released.

2007-12-16 13:09:34 by Robot-Creations

Here we go! The greatest RC Production - Rotavios- goes live. Teleport you through 100 Levels, 10 Worlds and 2 Boss Levels. Enjoy the Soundtrack- made for this game only. [An additional Soundtrack Flash with the music in this game in top quality + a bonus song will release 2008]. After beating the boss enter your name and conquer the High Score List.

Let your spirit spin =).


Rotavios release today!

2007-12-15 03:52:07 by Robot-Creations

Yeah, Rotavios will release today, featuring 100 Levels, 10 Worlds, an own Soundtrack and a Boss. I still have to name the Levels 80-100 and I have to make a menu. Everything else is done. If I have the time I'll make a totally senseless Save function, too :p.
This is my first great Flash Project, and I hope it will be a succes. I workes since August on it. If I count the first version, too, I worked since February- about a year.
So- await a Upload in the next 24 Hours. Stay tuned =)

Rotavios Countdown Clock Start

2007-11-19 11:02:06 by Robot-Creations
The official Countdown started today! Only 25 days until the Rotavios Release on 15. December 2007
Sorry for the delay. I got sick, and I lost 4 days of programming & level planning. That's much.
Once again the Key Features of this game:

~100 crazy Levels
~10 Worlds
~1 Bosslevel
~12 PowerUps
~1 Bonus World
~Cool Extras
~Own Soundtrack

Be aware that this is the last News Post until Release.
See you December 15.


Rotavios Countdown Clock Start